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Crusaders women's are currently practicing Tuesday night at Yarrow Sports Field and Thursday night at Vedder Middle School, 630-800. Contact Cassidy Lanting at 604-997-1334 for more information.

Chilliwack Crusaders Women's Team

Entering our second year, we are currently joining forces with the Scribes women's team out of Vancouver. While our local high schools put out teams on a yearly basis, there is evidence of a lot of local interest in a female based rugby team. As more and more girls join us from the youth programs, and from around the community, we come closer to realizing our goal: to become a championship caliber team!

We are always looking for new members including beginners and if you are interested in signing up please contact Cassidy Lanting at 604-997-1334 or Stacy Windt at 604-316-9941. 

Recent Crusaders Women's News

Summer Events!

By Michael Weisse 05/07/2018, 11:45am PDT

Summer is here! 

If you follow the Crusaders, you know they rarely put their feet up over the summer months! As soon as our season ends, we get right back to work making sure our fitness levels don't dip over the off-season. Many of our players get themselves into the gym, out on the track, and most importantly meet weekly for a big game of "silly buggers". Summer Buggers is open to all rugby players, or interested players, any age or gender. Check in to our Facebook page "Chilliwack Crusaders Rugby Club" for more information about times and location.

The Crusaders executive with be hosting an Annual General Meeting, May 17th, at the Yarrow Sports Field, after a game of Buggers. On the agenda will be successes and challenges, financial statements, new executive members, and plans for the 2018-2019 season. 

The Crusaders are looking for players for a summer Touch Rugby season that will run through July. The team will consist of 12 players, with at least 2 girls, and is age 16+. If you are interested in joining this team, please comment on our Facebook page for details: 

Every July, we like to get the Crusaders family out for a Club Day complete with lunch, drinks, kiddie pools, and a slip n slide. Last year, we hosted the nWo Roller Derby girls as a means of fundraising to help with their jersey costs. Who knows who we'll bring out this year. Dates for that event will be posted in the coming weeks!

Of course, our biggest event will come at the end of the summer as we host our 12th Annual Sasquatch 10's Tournament. Every year, this tournament brings out teams from across Canada and the USA. We have welcomed teams from Banff, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Kelowna, Merritt, Seattle, Skagit Valley, Oregon, New Mexico, California, and of course many of our friends from home including Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, SFU, Richmond, and Surrey! Boasted as one of the best social tournaments in British Columbia, the Sasquatch 10's tournament is the epitome of what a social rugby tournament should be about: cheap drinks, new and old friends, 90's pop songs, and some of the best sing-a-longs around. Oh..we also play rugby! For more information, check out our Facebook group "The Chilliwack Crusaders Presents: Sasquatch 10'S 2018" or copy the link:


The Chilliwack Crusaders have finished their 2017-2018 with a win loss record of 7-9-1, showing a great improvement from last season. As the season wore on, the Crusaders found themselves successful on their home field, while struggling to win on the road. 

The Crusaders started this half of the season with a tie to the defending provincial champs, the Squamish Axemen, and picked up forfeit points from the champs as they struggled with numbers in the latter half of the season. However, the Crusaders would drop one game at home to the Meralomas who brought out a strong squad. Thus, the undefeated home record would be broken.

On the road, the Crusaders struggled to bring consistent numbers on a weekly basis. The Crusaders would lose to Richmond, Capilano, and the Kats but found success at the end of the season against Surrey on Surrey's home pitch. Thus, putting an end to the Crusaders winless road record.

The Crusaders finished 5th in the overall standings and earned themselves a first round playoff match up against the unknown Westshore 3rd's team. The team made a trip to Vancouver Island and put up their stronger fight of the year, scoring 33 points in a hard fought match where they played above their usual skill level. The Crusaders demonstrated great defense, and a lightning fast offense to try to put Westshore on their heels. Unfortunately, Westshore brought with them a much stronger, more experienced squad and the 33 points that the Crusaders put up fell well short of the 51 points that Westshore put up. The Crusaders season would come to an end as the team boarded their bus and traveled home. 

The 2017-2018 was certainly an exciting season with many ups and downs. On behalf of the Crusaders Rugby Society, I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this year the success it was. It wasn't the outcome we wanted but it was a step in the right direction and without the fan and volunteer support that we receive, we could not have had the season we had. Stay tuned for more information regarding the summer events we have planned and our next season!

Crusaders Start Second Half With a Tie and a Tough Loss

By Michael Weisse 02/05/2018, 1:15pm PST

Following a successful Fight Night fundraiser, the Crusaders had a solid preseason training camp led by Head Coach Robert Leetch which translated to a strong start to the season against the reigning Provincial Champs, the Squamish Axemen.

Squamish came into Chilliwack with a full squad amped up to continue their winning ways. Unfortunately, Chiliwack boasts an undefeated record at home this season which put Squamish into a tough position. Through two halves of hard hitting rugby, the Crusaders came out of the game with a tie against the reigning champs, keeping their undefeated home record intact.

After another solid week of practice, the Crusaders traveled to Capilano. The Crusaders and Capilano 3rd's were the first game of 5 on a Capilano club day. Capilano came out of the gate full speed, showing their toughness and experience from the sound of the first whistle. Capilano scored a quick try early in the game and the Crusaders reset and toughened up. The Crusaders began to storm back, connecting in their tackles and driving the ball down field. With minutes left in the first half, the Crusaders kicked for points making the score 7-3.  Heading into the half, the Crusaders were feeling optimistic. However, Capilano would keep pounding the ball until the Crusaders eventually let in another try, falling 14-3. Capilano would score once more to make the score 20-3 and the game would come to a close.

The Crusaders gathered, banged up and bruised, the next day at their clubhouse to enjoy some pulled pork, wings and other snacks while they watched the Superbowl together as a team.  Practice continues as planned Monday and Wednesday 6-730 at the Tzeachten Turf Field. Our next game is an away game to Richmond on February 17th. Look forward to our next home game against Squamish on February 24th.